Friday, May 21, 2010

more 50th at the farm birthday surprise!

my aunts liz and kathy helps my grandma get all the food cooked, prepared, chopped, shopped, loaded, transported, unloaded, displayed and even served!
liz, kathy and grandma serving up the food!

aunt kathy drove all the way from clinton to celebrate with us! it was so fun seeing her!

leslie, mom, and dad!

joni handing out napkins! thanks for all your hard work, joni!

virgil, the great, pictured with nick. i am so thankful for both of them. virgil brought up a cargo van packed full of western themed decorations! whiskey barrels, arrangements in boots, split rail fencing, marlboro man cut outs, grasses in pots, ropes, crates, string lights, everything! it was so fun! my mom loved all the little details. she said they made the party, so thank you so much joni and virgil! ya'll are the best!

thanks nick for the lighting and manual labor you put in. sorry for the congestion you got from blowing out the barn and all the hay! you're a trooper and i love you!

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