Monday, August 23, 2010


come see me at dustbowl this saturday, august 28th!
crocheted headbands
game day accessories
you'll be set for fall!
support handmade!
come hang out!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

thank you heidi klum!

oops, i guess i took a little time off from the old blog.
i'll refrain from apologizing since my laziness probably didn't wreck your life. i mean, you can probably live without reading this stuff... i mean don't risk it. you should totally keep this blog bookmarked. but you might not die if i skip a post or two.

starting my life in the real world has been quite fun! it's not too different from graduate school, as most of my time was spent in clinicals- going to work with someone and doing speechy stuff while they supervise/work alongside you and critique/encourage! i won't bore you with the details, although if you're curious about them, i could talk about my clinicals for hours. i had some great, challenging, inspiring experiences! just ask :) back to the fun stuff! i received my first paycheck and didn't really splurge, just got some basics. i got a 3 pairs of maternity pants, and one shirt, but nothing extravagant. just essentials.

my faves: Loved by Heidi Klum

1. versatile, black, skinny capris that will work as jeans when paired with super high boots in the fall and winter! great for this season too. $14!

2. skinny jeans $39
3. striped shirt $25

4. khaki pants for work, on sale...don't remember the price! not exciting, but when the other option is navy scrub pants, any variety is good.
all images courtesy motherhoodmaternitywebsite

stay tuned to see what my BIG, NON-MATERNITY purchase was with my second paycheck!!
bhahaha. i almost don't want to announce it. but big girl moments require big girl celebrations!