Saturday, September 18, 2010

FINALLY! HS sports shirts on american apparel, by an actual graphic designer!

sorry, but if you're from SMALL TOWN AMERICA you know what i'm talking about. some inexperienced teen with no skills has an idea for a shirt, that kid has an in with a sponsor or teacher in charge of something who has no idea about good design and BOOM! the dumbest shirts for a HS you've ever seen, plus they are crunchy and were made by a child younger than the students that will be wearing them!!! yay!, right? no...

pretty sure my senior shirt said
"we came, we feared the mullet, we left"
in a font that even i know should never leave your computer screen! gross.

may i present your knight in shining armor, the rescuer, the hero of (insert any sport here) season!

some talented friends of mine have a new company with great school designs, on responsibly made tshirts (i.e. not made in sweatshops). many schools in central oklahoma are represented, so go to the website and gear up for gamedays!
Here are some of my favorites!

simple, sporty, super soft shirts.
aren't these great?! i love them!
maybe they come in maternity sizes?! ha.