Thursday, May 20, 2010

More 50 at the Farm Surprise Party Pics!


riley came all the way from Weatherford.
she is my second cousin, and one of the sweetest girls in the world!
look at her awesome, thick, red hair! love it!

great grandma nita, 93 years young, hanging out with marty, my grandma pat's cousin's son-in-law. even with extended family, we are tightly knit!

the head chef: granny pat!
she makes brisket that falls apart before you can get it to your mouth! it is sooo good! i'm so spoiled by her culinary skills that i never order brisket in restaurants anymore. too many let downs! she cooked for 2 solid days. i don't know when she had time to do the grocery shopping!

she made:
famous brisket
legendary potato salad (mom's fave, 40 lbs of potatoes)
a couple of sheet cake pans of brownies
homemade salsa
2 kinds of queso

AND she had it all in warmers/roasters/ packed up and ready to go!
She also picked up all the chips and rolls and fried chicken. i'm convinced she is superwoman.

the most beautiful girls in the world:
morgan and mckenzie
what are the odds of being twins AND supermodels?
AND crazy hardcore soccer players?!
i love them so much.

chloe, front and center!
she is the greatest 4th grader. she could run the farm! chloe had a softball game during the party so she showed up early to help set up! what a great kid, right? talk about a sense of humor. this picture sums her up. that fake mustache is perfect! she keeps us all laughing, all the time!

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