Monday, March 8, 2010

welcome spring!

i will be welcoming spring with this amazing nail polish. i cannot wait!

a friend of mine with a super cute blog donned some mint green nailpolish to church yesterday. i remembered the mint green i bought from the essie 2009 winter collection, a few months ago. i had been waiting to break it out... the weather has been sooo wintery this year! it was finally spring-ish, and time to break out the yummy polish! yesssss. thanks savannah! ha. hers is a great mint green by china glaze. it looked fabulous! could be that she's just the cutest person in the world, but i like to think that this nail polish might help me have a fraction of her cuteness. she is just the greatest! celebrate spring with us & go out and grab some china glaze mint green or essie "mint candy apple"!

comparison pic found here.

I didn't notice until now, but the essie version has lots of blue in it!


Savannah K said...

I just pretend to be cute or I get it through osmosis from being around you! Manicures asap so we can wear that mint green oh so perfectly.

Adriautumn said...

Love it!

Christie said...

I totally have mint candy apple and have been waiting to finish OUMed to start sporting it! The only exciting thing about leaving :(

happyhoma said...

i can't find my polish now! after all that excitement! i had to go with a pale pink. blah.