Tuesday, March 9, 2010

waiting for my nails to dry, i stumble across a blog of a photographer. i didn't realize she was based in nashville... didn't really know anything about her. as i was perusing her lovely blog i saw a picture of a friend of mine!

joe contains the most fun packed into one person. seriously. he traveled with us for a summer and just completely made traveling in a van all over the country for days super fun. i am a huge fan of impersonations and there are none better than his. he is a walking, talking, ever changing saturday night live sketch. enough about his brilliant personality- you guys don't care! i'm assuming you do care about his music- and you should. i didn't realize his cd was out yet! i am downloading it now... i cannot wait! i remember hearing some of his early projects in his car in the embassy suites parking lot (it's not what you think. the band had a weekend gig there). from that moment i was excited for what he would do next! he's a great keys player, but he has so so much to offer on his own album. i'm so happy for him!

Joe: love your stuff, so happy for you!

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