Friday, June 5, 2009

springtime fun & free range EGGS

the little lazy-blogger-prairie girl
can't really tell you why i haven't blogged since before finals... in fact i started writing this post with an apology. i quickly remembered my aversion to "forced" relationships, chores, obligations, etc. and hit delete. i am promising myself that this will be a fun, stress free place for me to document memories and thoughts... and that no one really reads this besides my MOH (maid of honor & bestie since 3rd grade, darcie challis).

there, that's out. here are some pics of springtime fun.
little chicken family in front of their little chicken house

little human family in front of the little chicken house

these chickens lay eggs in multiple colors.... very cool. everyday they are let out to roam (free range) and they get lots of yummy nutrients and diverse cuisine to flavor their eggs and make them rich in color & nutrients.  i'm such a fan. it's cool to eat green eggs. brown ones too! 

please please shop local and support our farmers. if you are interested in some free range eggs we have a ton every day! AND you pick them up on our farm, using the honor system. can you believe it? believe it. everyone should buy their eggs less than 50 feet from where they're laid :D

shop local. just do it, or you'll make me really sad. and mad. i can go on. but i won't. maybe i will. no, i won't, because my sister is coming over and we are going to play. and i'm going to finish knitting my hat. i sound lonely? i'm talking to myself through my blog? at least it's not out loud. typing to yourself isn't as bad as talking to yourself is it? sorry. oh wait.... no apologies.


Darcie Challis said...

You know I read it!! I haven't blogged since April. Ha!

Mandie said...

Just so you know i read it to!!!! But you don't have to apologize to me either!!! haha...cute pictures!! love it!!!

joni said...

I read it! I LOVE the pictures and hearing about all the fun times you and Nick have. I wish I lived on a farm!

Nick & Taylor said...

thanks guys!