Saturday, June 6, 2009

rain and strawberries

we needed rain. it was dry. in early spring we needed rain. then it didn't stop raining for almost a month. oklahoma is crazy. and i love it.  i love when small town churches pray for rain for their fields. 

a gentle reminder to rely on GOD. everything good and perfect comes from HIM. 

if you would like to pick your own strawberries, come on out! what a fun date.... you could even picnic under our trees. i would share them with you. how romantic. bring a quilt and something to drink. watch the sunset. i could plan an awesome date! or, pick a pint of strawberries for a fun girls afternoon. just do it. summer could be over before you stop to savor it... and that would be sad. enjoy the small things with the ones you love. TGfarms can help you :D

*tgfarms website is not updated often... sorry for that, but i have nothing to do with it. if you want to do a little research you can, but i most likely am your source for up to date activities and produce/animals etc.  my family isn't too computer savvy. feel free to email me! 

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