Friday, January 23, 2009

in school again. blah.

what a sweet baby dog, huh?

i think i had too high expectations for christmas break.  i wanted to craft everyday.  i didn't.  i wanted a clean house to start school with. i didn't make it happen.  i wanted to cook a little. nope. Austin? nope. Nashville? huh uh. Redo the bedroom a bit? not fully. make curtains? the fabric just came in. organize? probably never. 

all that to say.... i'm feeling bogged down by a to do list that should not even be in my head anymore. i wish i could have done these things.... but oh well!  i'm fine with not getting them done... the only thing is they are on the to do list in my head!
i need to start over. hmmm.  i've never started a blog not knowing what the post was to be about. dangerous. and probably boring. ANYWAY. maybe i'll post a to do list on here... that way its published and i only post things that are actually do-able. will it
 work? i don't know, who cares. i'll try it. 

this is not looking good.  nick has only been out of town for an hour and i'm already telling my blog things i'd normally tell him. talking to my blog. scary. My purpose for a blog is to post pics for my mother-in-law and for my memory.  well, stand-in-husband-blog, i love you. have a good day. 

isn't he the sweetest baby? he is like this all day... 
who needs to accomplish anything when they can 
cuddle with this sleeping pup?

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Christie said...

I could have written this myself. Minus the cute pup.

I had so many plans, most of which didn't happen. And now I feel like I still need to do them. Blah.

The cleaning and organizing is my project this weekend...hope you make some progress on yours!

Also, happy birthday, a little early!