Sunday, February 28, 2010

bathroom lighting update

first try:

not super crazy about it, but it was tolerable, cheap, and i needed a light. we had a house guest this weekend. nick got it out of the box and it was messed up... couldn't even try it out. decided to take it back and attempt to order online.

after searching for an hour to find this light again, I ordered the 2 light version of this:

would have liked the 3 light version, but our teeny bathroom's shower curtain rod would have touched it and inhibited the dangle of the crystals. shouldn't be a problem because i am adding a light where the heater used to be! the heater was old and was never used, so a pendant light will be hung in it's place! yay! i have some ideas... i'll post pics once the DIY is finished!

happy sunday evening!

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Bobbie said...

Hi Taylor,

No need to publish this ...didn't know your email to write..hope you don't mind.
Have asked miss Savannah to
get your email address so
I could send you a little something
but she is so busy these days.
I have several blogs ....but
one is a personal blog...
I used you as one of my subjects
check it out at
On a side note...Thank you again
for coming to the hospital and always checking in on are a precious friend!!!
Enjoying your blog and etsy..always great!
Take Care,
Bobbie Sanders
Savannah's "MOM"