Friday, January 29, 2010

a day off!

as you know, i am in grad-school. one of the clinical opportunities i get to be a part of is the cleft palate clinic though my school. we get a chance to practice our skills in a no-pressure environment. a seasoned professor will be there to do his own evaluating after we give it our best shot. sounds great, huh? as interested as i am in the field, this snow has given me another free day, and i am grateful! so, clinic was cancelled and i slept in! YAY! i've been so lazy. i MADE myself shower and adorn my face with make-up. i'm letting my freshly shorn hair air dry to see what it will look like. to my amazement, it pretty much looks the same, so you can bet i'll be craigslisting my blowdryer!

i'm dying to take some pictures of the wintery bliss, but for now, i need to finish this. in obnoxiously red acrylic. i try not to buy acrylic since it is synthetic and takes oil to manufacture it, but in my defense, it was freecycled!

oooh. sully and mr. thurmond went to get the mail. must. document. with. camera.
*we don't get much snow around these parts!

{afterthought: no craigslisting of the blow dryer. you never know when you'll need to remove a price-tag or other label}

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