Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our newest addition!

what? just because you thought our baby would be the color of watered down skim milk doesn't mean it has to be!  little *Z*  is the sweetest, prettiest, happiest baby. her mom really is doing a great job!  we get to  love this little joy baby every sunday at church!!! ahh! i really could not love another baby (that isn't mine) more!  i'm smitten.  so is nick, by the way.  after the service is over i say hi to sugar and "borrow" her baby.  then, i search everywhere for nick and usually end up on the stage letting him say hi while he is packing up (mobile church, for now!). this little one is a huge testament to the Lord. she is the cutest miracle i've ever seen.  cuter than i was as a baby... and probably you, too. no offense, of course.... and she's probably cuter than your babies as well. don't be mad.  and don't ask me in person if your little one *really* isn't/wasn't as cute.  i will have to say no, and this could pose an awkward conversation. just don't test me on this, ok?

*and she loves reading books.  she's only 4 months old now (this pic was taken a while back)... what a GREAT mom & grandma!

i look like i just woke up, b/c i probably had... don't judge me. i like sleep.

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