Saturday, November 1, 2008

He wants to wipe your face!

I thought I should let you know, that being the high tech couple we are, my Nick and I have recently  designed a robot that will dry hands, scrub faces... and even wipe up messes. You know, all those dirty chores around the house that no one seems to want to do.  Here he is!  

I know I know.   Another grandma hobby!  At least this one will help the environment.  Nick and I are trying to use cloth napkins instead of paper.  YEAH!  Baby steps, I tell ya. Oh, and to clarify, I saw a boxy little line drawing of a robot online somewhere and tried to draw something similar on a napkin.  So, props to the person whoever designed the original guy. It was a stamp maybe?  Not sure.  I just had to have him stitched on my vintage napkins.  He is a daily reminder of all my friends that run on batteries, eh, um... pacemakers.  :)  Love you robot friends.


Christie said...

He's so super cute!

Brin said...


Your napkins are too amazing! Who wouldn't love these? :)

I caught a little how-to on handkerchiefs on the Purl Bee website and fell in love with using cloth wipey things. (Here's the article: But I hadn't given much thought to napkins...

Thanks for the inspiration! (Oh. And thanks for the link to my site! I'm honored you read....)