Sunday, September 7, 2008

3 cheers for cheerwine

Our good friend, Dagen introduced us to Cheerwine last year. We are eternally grateful!  Since you can only buy it in random places in the east, it is no wonder that he has a stash in his basement. The most shocking?  He shares.  Thank you, Boyd family.  

Other than the Boyd house, I've only found Cheerwine at Pops. If you've never made the trip to pops, you are totally missing out.  I've been only once & already committed to not buying soft drinks anywhere else.  The only downside: glass bottles... they're nostalgic & a small sacrifice in my opinion.  Make the trip and try it out.  You will love it! 

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Dagen & Michelle Boyd said...

Hey Thurmonds! Nick mentioned the blog today and I love the ode to cheerwine. Also, I love that you have a parakeet. I had two growing up...Lucky and Tippy. I still want you to teach me to knit Taylor!