Friday, May 23, 2008

slithery little friend

With the end of cool weather we should have expected visits from little friends, but Nick couldn't help being caught off guard when he almost stepped on this guy!!!!  

Thanks to Jeff we have some great pics of the snake sighting!  
Knowing snakes slither around & eat mice is much different than almost squishing one between your toes! 
I feel a little sad now... but in the moment the war was on!
 After being sighted and swung at with a 2x2 piece of lumber, the snake retreated to the lawn furniture... to lay out?!  
He coiled himself in the base of the table after being knocked off the top, striking the whole time!

Then snakey slithered cunningly up the side of the chair. GROSS.
The 10 ft. piece of lumber Nick was swinging broke into a short, little stick... but he was VICTORIOUS!!!

  Almost sweet.   

Jeff Johnson with Snakey. 
Jeff was a city boy before he came to the pumpkin patch! 
As you can see, he was initiated right off the bat.
It was kind of heavy!
A 5 footer!

Bye Bye Snakey!


jahna said...

OMG... how crazy! Those photos were great! I don't understand how the snake died though...and why was he so big?!?!?? Yikes!

Abbey said...

love the picture book!!!!! but nick fighting a snake THAT i have to see!!!!! =] love u sis!

amanda said...

Ummm I feel a little sad for the snake but holy cow that was a bigin. Ahhh I miss you guys. Good to see pics of ya.